"He had a vision of the future and he never let it go."


Dear World…

It all started at a young age when I would observe people and the way they all were choosing to live their lives together. As I grow I only learn that there is always more to learn. I am humbled every day by what people teach me and I only want to bring more love to this world through the work that I do and the way that I live. Perspective is everything and I continually try to open my mind further to that. My passion for creating purposeful and meaningful media content is what drives me. I wish to always build a deeper connection to life in any way that I see possible. Come along on this journey with me. It is going to be an amazing adventure in this beautiful world.

My goal is to inspire the growth of the world and the people living in it through passion. The way I love to do this is through my own passion to create film and music that depicts that very thought. My dedication is always towards putting out uplifting and inspiring media content. There are too many things in the world that burden people with negative emotion and therefore I am taking on the task of bringing forward positive and meaningful content through the work I create.

I have founded my company, Beautiful World Media, to begin my journey of promoting all things good in the world.


2018 - Thoughts (Album) - Jaimie Stewart

2018 - Tropic Happiness (Single) - Jaimie Stewart

2013 - Colours (Album) - Jaimie Stewart

2012 - Passion Is Freedom (Album) - Jaimie Stewart


2016 - Award of Recognition - Impact DOC Awards (Jeff Way In Passion)

2016 - Official Selection - Alberta Spirit Gala at Calgary International Film Festival (Stephen Hair In Passion)

2015 - Official Selection - Alberta Spirit Gala at Calgary International Film Festival (Tim Petros In Passion)

2015 - Award of Excellence - Canadian International Film Festival (Beautiful Maui)

2014 - Official Selection - Hawaii International Short Film Festival (Beautiful Maui)

2011 - 1st Place Roland Synth Contest


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