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Dear World…

As a concerned citizen of this world, I have a deep commitment to improving the communities that we live in through my abilities as a filmmaker and music producer. I feel that it is my job as an artist to bring more love to this world through the work that I do and the way that I live.

My passion is all about producing meaningful film content that inspires people to think in more fulfilling terms about their own lives. I believe there are too many things in this world that can feel daunting and burdensome to people on their journeys through life. This is why I have made it my priority to create media content that can uplift people and hopefully renew their perspectives on life, so that they can break down proverbial barriers and ultimately grow towards their own potential.

I have learned in my life to approach everything I do with an open mind and a love for everyone involved in the process. With every new project, I recognize that I have an opportunity to inspire people during the process of the work. I believe everyone has something important to do in this world, and having passion helps drive us to do the things we most want to do. For this reason, I feel it is important to foster working environments that are fully supportive and safe for people to learn and grow in their passions. In my mind, this gives any project a better chance of success when everyone is working together within a positive, working environment.

I love what I do and it means so much to me knowing that I have the opportunity to contribute to something greater than myself.


2018 - Thoughts (Album) - Jaimie Stewart

2018 - Tropic Happiness (Single) - Jaimie Stewart

2013 - Colours (Album) - Jaimie Stewart

2012 - Passion Is Freedom (Album) - Jaimie Stewart


2016 - Award of Recognition - Impact DOC Awards (Jeff Way In Passion)

2016 - Official Selection - Alberta Spirit Gala at Calgary International Film Festival (Stephen Hair In Passion)

2015 - Official Selection - Alberta Spirit Gala at Calgary International Film Festival (Tim Petros In Passion)

2015 - Award of Excellence - Canadian International Film Festival (Beautiful Maui)

2014 - Official Selection - Hawaii International Short Film Festival (Beautiful Maui)

2011 - 1st Place Roland Synth Contest


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