People In Passion

People need to be shown the value of passion in the world. This series focuses on people thriving in their passion. We wish to showcase the people who are doing what they love in hopes to produce content that will inspire and help society feel like they too can pursue their own passions.

Eddie Richardson III

It was inspiring to witness my new friend Eddie at work and to feel the enormity of what he has been building.  There was no surprise that people and kids of all walks of life look up to him, but I had no idea how many people that entailed. This man is a most humble person and is completely dedicated to what he loves.  I have learned a great deal from creating this film of him and can say with certainty that I look up to him as well.  There is no question that Eddie has passion. The story of his passion is all about sharing what he knows in his heart with others, to inspire them to become better.
- Jaimie

If you want to here more of Eddie's success.

Tim Petros

I had the privilege of filming such a dedicated and warm-hearted individual. Tim is a close friend who has always supported my music and film career through the years, so it was so much fun creating this for him. Working with Tim has taught me to see the value of hard work and commitment to your craft. This man is a huge inspiration to me and so I am very excited to have created this video to share with the rest of the world what passion looks like at work through my wonderful friend Tim Petros.
- Jaimie

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If you want to visit Tim, his restaurant is located in Cochrane, Alberta.

Jaimie Stewart

People want to feel their value in life. Passion and excitement for what you do are two of the most purposeful feelings. I truly believe we must begin to support the people who are trying to grow in their passion, the people who are trying to find their passion, and the people who don’t yet have the means to live out their passion. In this series I want to focus on individuals who are fully immersed in their passion. I want to showcase what it means to feel purpose in what you do and to bring out all things good in life. Whether it be the smallest of tasks to the grandest pursuits, all aspects of passion have their importance and value. It is my passion to share with the world the feeling of goodness in all of its different forms.